I’m done with rummaging through stuff to find what I need, thanks to this super convenient makeup storage bag!

You know how annoying it can be when you’re traveling and trying to find your lipstick or nail polish? It feels like you have to empty your entire bag just to locate those tiny items. It’s a real mood-killer, especially when you’re on a trip.

Imagine this: you and your boyfriend are headed to a cool attraction, and you want to look your best. But he’s constantly rushing you, saying, “Hurry up!” Meanwhile, you’re struggling to find your makeup in a sea of stuff. Not fun, right? Those little inconveniences can really ruin your day. Well, guess what? There’s a new bag in town that’s here to save the day, and it’s designed for both the lazy and the smart (yes, lazy and smart can go hand in hand).

This makeup storage bag is like the best gift ever for all us ladies! It’s made from top-notch PU material, and it’s got serious style. When it’s closed, it looks like a fashionable handbag, and the crinkled design adds a touch of class without making it look messy.

But here’s the best part: using this bag is a breeze. Just tug on the drawstring, and it opens up like magic, showing you all your makeup at once. No more digging around! Plus, it’s roomier than you’d think. You can toss in all your makeup, your phone, keys, and whatever else you want, without worrying about organizing everything. It’s perfect for folks like me who prefer to keep things simple.

If you can see the picture up there, you probably get how awesome it is. It’s a simple idea, but it solves a big problem. So, if you’re tired of the same old bags, this one’s calling your name. We’ve got special deals, free shipping on everything, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. I say give it a shot now.

How Much Does The Bag Cost?

The original price for the storage bag is $58, and it’s definitely worth it. To celebrate reaching five million sales of this bag, we’ve got a special offer for you. You can now get this spacious and convenient storage bag for only $34.98, and that includes free worldwide shipping as a sweet bonus!

If you want more bags, you can go for our Bestie or Family bundles, and you’ll enjoy even bigger discounts. Take our most popular Bestie package as an example. Each bag in the bundle costs just $26.9. Grab one for your BFF!


$ 34
  • $34.98/PCS
  • 40% OFF
  • Free Shipping


$ 53
  • $26.9/PCS
  • 53% OFF
  • Free Shipping


$ 74
  • $24.9/PCS
  • 57% OFF
  • Free Shipping

TIP: The discount means that QGrips is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!

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This makeup bag is a game-changer! The conversion to lay everything flat is brilliant, making it a breeze to find what I need, even on the go without a counter. Perfect for in-car use or anywhere with limited space. So practical and efficient! Love it!
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I recently got this string cosmetic bag, and it’s been a lifesaver for organizing my makeup and skincare products. The design is sleek, yet the bag expands generously to hold all my essentials. The string closure is both stylish and functional, making it easy to access my items and secure them safely. It’s not just another bag; it’s a practical and fashionable solution for anyone who loves to have their beauty tools at their fingertips. Highly recommend for travel or daily use!
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Exactly what I need! I can lay my makeup out on any vanity either at home or hotel while traveling and not worry about my things rolling off onto the floor. When I'm done, close up my bag & into my handbag it goes! I love this product & the size is perfect for everything I need at home or on the go! This bag would make a great gift for any makeup guru or even anyone working on a portable craft project!