V-shaped Cheek Vibration Lifting Device



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V-shaped Cheek Vibration Lifting Device


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Age is just a number, beauty is timeless!

Your skin changes with age, but it is up to you whether you let it become thinner with wrinkles and dark spots, or make it look plumper and smoother.

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Do your wrinkles make you feel less confident?

Aging does not necessarily mean losing the beauty of your skin. Neither is skincare meant to give you stresses of spending hours and big bucks in salon treatment.
Easy to use and Comfortable to hold, our facelifting device is a fast and effective solution for all your skin problems.

  • Get rid of chiffon wrinkles look fast, and enhance your skin activity with 12 kinds of vibration massage speed.
  • Say goodbye to acne and dark spots. Get the firmer and vibrant skin that you deserve. 
  • Make your skin plumper and smoother, warm and comfortable just like your heart.
  • Relax your skin with a warm massage and promote collagen regeneration.
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Five kinds of efficacy!

Red light therapy: Improve skin cell activity, promote metabolism and collagen secretion, accelerate blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, repair skin, and resist oxidation.

Orange light therapy: Prevent dry skin, increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging.

Green light therapy: Treats rough skin, wrinkles, blackheads, acne caused by fatigue and stress.

Blue light therapy: Inhibits common skin inflammation, calms skin, balances oil, whitens skin, eliminates wrinkles, shrinks pores, soothes skin, and keeps skin in good condition.

Purple light therapy: Eliminate skin toxins, slow down melanin production, dilate capillaries, activate enzymes, and prevent common sub-healthy skin conditions.

12 kinds of vibration massage speed

Shaping mode: 1-3 speed are suitable for people with relatively sensitive stratum corneum;

Firming mode: 4-5 speed are aimed at people with moderate stress, hypertrophic masseter muscles and double chins;

Activation mode: 6-8 speed are aimed at people with heavy force and wide and flat mandibles;

Lifting mode: 9-12 speed are aimed at people who have used this product for more than half a year to consolidate.

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Product name: V-shaped Cheek Vibration Lifting Device
Rated power: 5W
Power supply: charging
Color: white, pink, green
Adjustable: yes
Package: 1 x main machine, 1 x strap, 1 x manual, 1 x USB cable

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