Pants Edge Shorten Self-Adhesive



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Pants Edge Shorten Self-Adhesive


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No-sew, simply iron the hem together, creates a clean hem in seconds!

Instead of the traditional stitching design, this Pants Edge Shorten Self-Adhesive is time-saving and labor-saving, beautiful and convenient.


Strong viscosity, not easy to shrink, no longer need to find tailors and spending money on long pants!

Main Features

  • Shorten Long Trousers Effortlessly! Iron-on, adhesive for easily and permanently hemming garments and home decor without any sewing. Only need to cut the longer part of the pants, then stick Pants Edge Shorten Self-Adhesive on the interface, and iron it back and forth several times to set the shape!

  • Convenient Hemming Helper – The hem tape with great elasticity that can be curved with clothing, no seam lines in appearance. You can cut any length at will, it can be fixed on the pants, and not easy to move.

  • Wide Application – It is very suitable for trouser legs and cuffs, and can shorten the clothes to a suitable position. It is also very suitable for sewing or repairing torn clothes, frayed holes and the inside of products made of fabric. This Pants Edge Shorten Self-Adhesive is suitable for a variety of pants, such as suit pants, casual pants and jeans, as well as baby clothes. Of course, it can also be used for curtain edges, clothing cuffs, etc.

  • Easy to Clean – We use safe materials that are comfortable all day long, but also easy to clean, machine washable, and dry cleanable, so you don’t have to deal with annoying residues or unsightly glue marks.

Using Methods

    1. Use a ruler and paint powder to mark the folding position, which will make the pant leg more beautiful.
    2. Scissors cut off the excess fabric. When cutting, it should be straight. Too crooked and oblique will affect the appearance.
    3. The trousers are pasted with water to avoid shrinkage and prevent the iron from shrinking after pressing and forming.
    4. The white part is a rubber strip, which will produce adhesion after pressing, so try to place it in the center.
    5. After sticking to the trouser leg, use an iron to iron it directly, and the overlapping part of the trouser opening is 2-3 cm in a circle.

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