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Interactive Dog Toothbrush Chewing Toy


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Eat, Fun, IQ Training, Brushing Teeth! ALL-IN-ONE!

Are you searching for a chewing toy that can fulfill EAT, FUN, IQ TRAINING Functions?

Also, are you still traditionally brushing your dog’s teeth? But they refuse to do it & make you in trouble?

Please don’t get angry about it. Dogs dislike it because the traditional toothbrush methods bring a terrible experience, with little effort but no effect.

There is a 4-in-1 Interactive Toothbrush Chewing Toy for our Pet Parents! It s designed as a tool to clean the teeth & protect them from oral diseases. Combined With FOOD TREAT, ENTERTAINING & IQ TRAINING features, it is the best value product for you &your baby dog.

Why Choose Interactive Dog Toothbrush Chewing Toy

SIX Great Features which Make Teeth Brushing Fun!
• Durable & Bite Resistant For Chewing
• 360-Degree All-Round Cleaning Teeth
• Food Dispensing Toy
• IQ Training
• Relieve Anxiety and Stress-Less Furniture Destruction
• Portable For Travel


1) Durable & Bite-Resistant

Made of safe & bite-resistant material, products are durable & gentle on your dog’s gums. The ideal toy for most breeds of dogs CHEWING.

Interactive Dog Toothbrush Chewing Toy Contrast with others
Dog brush

2) 360-Degree All-Round Cleaning

Different abrasive bristles are for brushing different sizes of teeth. The 360 Degree serrated grooves can effectively clean the dead corners in the mouth where plaque and tartar build up. Apply toothpaste for better teeth cleaning. They PREVENT TEETH DECAY if your dog frequently uses it.

Clear dog's dental calculus
safe material

3) Food Dispensing Toy

EAT, FUN, BRUSHING TEETH! ALL-IN-ONE! You can also put dog snacks in the middle channel to attract dogs to play.

Two ways to input food into a Chewing Toy!

Your pets will accept this toy easily and get more surprises while playing. Best Dog Toys for Boredom.

Two ways to input food into a Chewing Toy

4) IQ Training

Dogs need to be constantly stimulated, especially regarding their mental and cognitive development. If you’re not using treat-dispensing toys with your dog, you’re missing out on one of the most excellent training exercises.
Toys to excite your dog’s senses, provide wonderful PHYSICAL & MENTAL ENRICHMENT. The process of pets getting food is also a process of learning how to roll the toy to let the food fall out, stimulating the pet’s brain cells!

IQ Training
IQ Training 0

5) Relieve Anxiety and Stress

During Quarantine, even humans who stay at home ever yday also feel bored, not to mention our furry friends! Our Dog Toothbrush Chewing Toy can effectively help your dog RELEASE EXCESS ENERGY and prevent the dog from bad behavior caused by long-term boredom.

Relieve dog Anxiety and Stress

6) Portable For Travel

Our Dog Toothbrush Chewing Toy contains lanyards, and you can bring them for outdoor activities, camping & Travelling! MAKE TEETH BRUSHING FUN ANYWHERE! Take your furry friend out for fun!


Step 1: Let your dog adapt to biting the Toothbrush Chewing Toy several times before adding toothpaste to it.

Step 2: Squeeze your favorite pet-safe toothpaste on the small hole

Step 3: Give your dog to chew for 3-5 mins

Step 4: Don’t forget to praise your dogs after finishing brushing teeth!

Some dogs may need extra help to start brushing. You can try stuffing Peanut Butter & other sauces to encourage your dog to bite on it if your dogs seem to resist it at first. Once your dog begins chewing, be sure to reward them, so they understand chewing on it is good. Rewarding your dog is vital to teaching what’s expected of them. After several training sessions, your dogs will try it for brushing teeth!

Comparison of new and traditional methods of dog brushing teeth

Material Specification

Color: Green/Blue/Coffee/Pink/Lake Blue
Material: Pet-friendly Natural Rubber
Size: 11cm (Length) X 5 cm (Width)

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