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Bed Vacuum Cleaner Mite Remover


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Is your bed really safe?

Did you know that there are probably millions of mites sleeping with you?

Mites belong to a class of tiny animals in the arthropod phylum Arachnida and are barely visible to the naked eye. The most widely distributed and most impactful mite is the dust mite. Studies have shown that dust mites mainly feed on human sweat, secretions, and shed skin flakes, and reproduce very quickly. They are mainly distributed in carpets, sofas, plush toys, bedding, cushions, mattresses and pillow cores.


Dermatitis can occur when people come into contact with items contaminated with dust mites. These dust mites can parasitize or bite almost all parts of the human body, especially children, and the most common parts are the thin and folds of human skin.

All parts of the dust mites, including their secretions, excrement, and sloughed skin are allergens, and these substances fly into the air as beds are made, quilts, and floors are swept. People may experience discomfort after inhalation, affecting their life and work.

Try our mite remover to sanction these nasty mites!


Powerful suction: Our mite remover doubles as a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t care about those invisible mites, you can even just use it as a vacuum cleaner. The suction power of about 30KPa can remove all the hair and other fine items from your bed.


Powerful vibration: As we all know, mites are mainly adsorbed by the hooks and suction cups of the feet. This mite remover can slap 8,000 times per minute, which can easily shake the mites off the textile fibers, and then rely on strong suction to suck them away.


Ultraviolet sterilization: The mite remover is equipped with a UV-C quartz glass ultraviolet lamp, which penetrates to kill harmful microorganisms, inactivates mite eggs and inhibit mite breeding.


Cordless: Built-in 1200mAh high-capacity battery, supports about 60 minutes runtime when fully charged, no power cord required, increasing flexibility.


Easy to clean: The filter is removable and washable under the faucet without the hassle of weakened suction or clogged dust. Note: Please wait for the filter to dry before use.

Yes it is very convenient. The machine is easy to disassemble, you can rinse the filter element with water or clean it with a brush. It can be reused after drying.

Won’t. The mite remover uses ultra-high frequency vibration, which ensures the strength of the slapping and at the same time protects the fabric from damage.

Not heavy! The body is made of new lightweight material, net weight is only 0.8kg/1.76lbs. When using the machine, just put it on the bed (or other) to push back and forth, very light.

Great suction! The mites remover has a powerful suction force of 30,000Pa, and the lady’s long hair, pet hair, dander and other debris can be easily sucked away.

Material: PC+ABS
Charging cable length: 1m/39in
Weight: 0.8kg/1.76lbs
Vacuum degree: about 30KPa
Capacity: about 200ml
Noise value: ≤82dB
Package: Bed Vacuum Cleaner Mite Remover *1

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